Web Hosting

Web Hosting

To customers with different requirements we have different types of products. The products are divided according to the number of pages, photo upload, etc. You can contact our customer care team for more details, who will be happy to help.

Cloud technology facilitates the automated control and enhancement of available system resources on the cloud, which sets cloud hosting apart from conventional hosting providers limited to a server's physical limitations.

An account is given an unreasonable resource consumption cap (e.g. 10 percent of the CPU for 60 seconds) with conventional Webhosting services, and if the site goes beyond the limit, it will be suspended due to violation of the Terms of Service or.

This does not occur in the cloud web hosting world because additional resources are automatically added to accommodate traffic and heavy loads, and customer sites will not be disabled for "excessive usage" as the cloud computing assets can be updated easily at any time.

Why Fexle’s Web Hosting?

We have the right plan for you from basic sites with a few simple static pages to complex Flash websites. Our professional staff at Fexle are as trustworthy as our servers and are sponsored by customers 24/7.

We provide Web hosting that allows organizations and individuals to post on the Internet a website or web page. A web host or service provider for web hosting is a business that provides the software and services needed to access the website or website on the Web.

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