Fexle’s E-Commerce has become a symbol of business success, and it is assumed by most customers that most merchants and brand labels today will have an online website to receive product orders. Fexle has an enviable history of creating successful online storefronts for both new and well-established businesses.

Mobile Commerce has become of paramount importance as more and more people feel comfortable using their mobile devices to buy products online. Our e-commerce strategy is designed to allow our customers to interact faultlessly with all popular devices based on Apple, Android, PC and Linux.

Why Fexle’s E-Commerce Development?

Our eCommerce systems use the easiest path to checkout to ensure that the user is always comfortable when placing the order. It involves the choice for peace of mind of the correct payment gateway and security policy.

Most e-commerce systems require manual entry into bookkeeping, ERP, CRM or other legacy systems. Fexle's removed this through our integration modules that synchronize Ecommerce orders, customers and transactions with multiple common systems without effort.

Because we have a wide range of services on offer, over a variety of platforms we can provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to our customers ' specific needs. We work in small individual boutique stores as well as in larger multi-million dollar structures, this experience gives us a unique point of view in terms of eCommerce strategy.

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