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PHP is a free open source software that can be used to build web applications that are rich and varied. It is able to render dynamic pages and applications as a scripting language on the server. However, it is simple, reliable and safe, making it a favorite option for developers. At Fexle we are an advanced and specialized PHP development company that provides advanced services for different business needs.

We are a group of specialist professionals engaged in providing result-based PHP applications to seasoned project managers, designers, and senior PHP developers. We are capable of doing everything from simple PHP websites and apps to advanced domain-specific solutions. We understand the absolute necessities of our customers and have proven excellence in providing PHP-based CMS development and e-commerce websites, social media sites.

Why Fexle’s  PHP Development?


Fexle is an Indian top PHP development company offering personalized products and PHP solutions for cloud, portals, and websites with high performance.


We use open-source tools such as Wordpress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. to provide very flexible PHP web solutions in terms of time and cost savings.


Fexle provides flexible CakePHP solutions, an open-source, fast development platform that simplifies and accelerates the development of web applications.

Even after the launch of the software / mobile app, we take full responsibility for our work and provide all our clients with 30 days of free support.

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