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Property portals are all-inclusive tools in which millions of potential buyers, sellers and renters can list their properties. The growing trends in internet use have enhanced the presence of property portals online to improve your own real estate and business prospects.

We offer customized property portal development solutions with our own added value through our more than 8 years of portal development services that ensure your site looks the same apart from all your competitors.

Fexle offers solutions for the development of real estate portals including development, customization, implementation, consultation, and integration services.

We are experienced in the creation of both B2B and B2C property portals-all with online portals that promote your products and services. We also have designed and developed our portal solutions with highly easy-to-use search functions. In our SEO and SMO services, you can always look at the top ranking of your portal on the web.

Catch your client, rent and lease your estate online and sell it with our personalized property platform solutions, without arbitration or commissions.

Why Fexle’s Property Portal?

  • Search / Add / Edit properties.
  • Commercial and land sales.
  • Sale of residential real estate.
  • Detailed view of real estate with maps.
  • Sort by any criteria on the results page.
  • Display the highlighted property on the home page.
  • Membership registration.
  • Processing payments via PayPal or a major credit card with a recurring billing solution.
  • User-friendly reports and charts.

Get Fully featured portals that can be customized for future management.


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