Fexle’s CRM helps you to connect with leads and customers, gain insights into your business, develop a flexible marketing process, and broaden your company more quickly. Fexle’s CRM places all of your customer support experiences in one location, making contact easy, private, and secure–meaning more effective agents and satisfied customers.

Fexle’s CRM is intuitive and focused on support staff. In a single, flexible help desk app, everything they need lives is easy to be efficient and to handle customer interactions.

Bring in from everywhere customer interactions. With features such as web widgets, predefined ticket answers, and history of customer search, they provide quicker assistance on their favorite channels when they need it.

Why Fexle’s CRM

Commit to your customers.

Multichannel telephone, email, live chat, and social media communication. When customers interact with your business, get real-time notifications. Measure your email campaigns ' effectiveness through email analytics.

Automate the functions of routine.

Create predefined conditions for each incoming lead and automate the cycle of your lead nutrition. Automate all aspects of your company and remove time-consuming, repetitive tasks.

Implement scoring rules to help you prioritize your work in order to focus on the right set of leads, connections, accounts, and deals.

Make your own CRM.

Customize your CRM interface to meet your organization's specific needs. Add custom modules, buttons, and fields to manage your unique needs. Manage multiple business processes within your CRM using Layouts.

Fexle’s CRM handles the experiences and relationships of an organization with existing as well as potential customers. Through monitoring customer interaction, tracking leads and streamlining processes, CRM technology strengthens customer relationships.

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