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To give an all-inclusive experience, streamline your customer service across platforms such as blogs, mobile applications, social media, and messaging apps. Unify and improve the measurements of your customer support within one platform.

Enhance your online conversation and support your customers with the correct messages based on their journey.

Let your website visitors connect with relevant departments for efficient performance. Manage departments based on your needs to distribute chats between different teams and resolve queries faster.

Ensure a consistent experience across your entire site, apps, social media and messaging applications with multi-channel live chat on one platform. Connect your Facebook or Viber to improve communication with the client.

Provide your sales and support team with additional information about site visitors. Increase sales opportunities and increase company revenues.

Why Fexle’s Online Chat?

Live chat for websites

Engage, support and retain customers, and provide visitors with real-time assistance via Fexle Chat online live chat. Get detailed information about the user’s site travel.

Real time commitment and conversion.

Fexle Chat live chat software allows companies to make meaningful conversations and convert customers while shopping.

Faster customer deployment.

Help your customers on-board faster via video chat, shared browsing tools with the Fexle Chat multi-channel live chat software. Help them learn their products or services in the app faster.

Customizing live chat.

Fexle Chat provides advanced options for customizing the live chat widget to the brand and style of the site. Give your live chat widget a face with customized branding, greetings and messages.


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