OMR Solution

OMR Solution

Fexle’s OMR Solution is used on the basis of their criteria by various institutes and industries. To capture the data, it uses standard document scanners or OMR scanners.

OMR Readers are electronic peripheral devices such as scanners that can be connected directly to the monitor, using OMR sensors to accurately capture the data directly from the OMR plates. We are committed to providing the best solution to startups, businesses, organizations & school/colleges.

It Incorporates the feature of the OMR sheet development tool to create your own OMR/bubble sheet such as entry, review, complex types of examination (IIT pattern) and survey.You can print OMR sheets using any standard, laserjet, color printer and photocopier.

To get scans of the OMR plates, you can use any flatbed / MFP / ADF scanner.

Reads data 10 times faster than normal OMR code (300 sheets/min).

Verificare comes with Artificial Intelligence with Anti-cheat detection and False Answer Key detection functionality.

Why Fexle’s OMR Solution


It is possible to make various types of files as output. This could be in the form of images from Photoshop, Portable Bitmaps, JPEG, TIFF, Adobe Acrobat, etc


Less costly and by means of surveys we obtain more data from respondents.


We provide easy-to-use software for Optical Mark Recognition to customers.

With Fexle’s OMR Solution you do not have to open separate OMR sheet scanning and reading software, you can scan and read OMR/bubble sheet with just one application without any effort.

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