DMS Software

DMS Software

Fexle’s DMS Software is an online document management software solution curated by Delhi based startup, that allows you to organize, maintain, exchange and share critical information about your business. A robust system for document management that can meet organizational needs of any size. 

Fexle’s DMS Software comes with built-in modules to assist with team coordination, process management and approvals. You don't need to download or update–you can work anywhere, anytime online.

It functions with your colleagues as they are right next to you. Manage team members in a secure space together with their files.

Why Fexle’s DMS Software?

Work as a group

Imagine working with your boss around the same table, even when they're out of the office. This is the comfort offered by Fexle’s DMS Software. Keep your team and their files grouped with Group Folders.

Manage the team.

Own the job of your team. As an admin, monitor the activities of your team and manage the files of your team. With customized reports like file access information, audit trails, and more, understand the team better.

Confidence in security.

Lost files can be expensive for you. Fexle’s DMS Software protects the data of your business by encrypting files during transit and during rest. Fexle’s DMS Software follows the safety standards of ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type II.

We create the best DMS Software. Wherever they need you, be there for your team. Work at home, at customer sites, or on the street. Stay online and offline synchronized with your function.

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