GST Software

GST Software

Fexle’s GST Software is a GST stock & accounting software which helps you easily generate invoices, manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, monitor stocks, generate 1000's of reports & MIS, and easily return GST data.

There are different ways of handling finance, such as manually (writing down the payments in a book), digital (through a spreadsheet) and accounting software.

There are distinct advantages for both online and offline apps. Someone has to choose between the two according to their The offline software would allow you to save the transactions, manage the database, provide regular backups and manually update them.

Why Fexle’s GST Software?

Scheme of composition of GST.

Composition is a tax levy system for small taxpayers whose turnover is up to Rs. 75 lakhs (Rs. 50 lakhs for a few states). The aim of the composition scheme is to give flexibility to small taxpayers and reduce the cost of compliance.

Returns from GST.

A regular taxpayer must provide monthly returns and a GST annual return. The entire return process has become a vital and powerful tool for implementing the GST regime's data and revenue collection system. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the entire return process under the GST regime.

Reverse fee of GST.

Goods distributor usually pays the supply fee, but sometimes when the receiver/purchaser is liable to pay taxes, such a situation is called the reverse payment.

It has its own advantages to using online software. Like, you don't have to download anything and just sign up online and start entering your transactions, it's easy to synchronize information across the office on different computer systems, so don't worry about losing data as it will store and back up everything on an online database when you enter the transaction.

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