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There have been many good things and some bad things born from the Internet. One of these bad aspects of the internet is free criticism. Positive criticism can help to improve your business, but you need to take strong steps if the criticism is more than feedback. Aspersion, libel, negative reviews, professional envy, and credibility of your opponent, or your maligned ex-commentary, all of this can harm your company irreparably.


When we talk about the small business’s reputation online, we usually consider the reputation of the company to be the only thing. The irony is that snubbing remarks, aspersions, and bad campaigns not only harm your company but also give your personality the dark shadows.


Social media gives you one million more clients, but is it so easy to make them all happy? Surely not. Somebody will complain about this or that issue. It is not necessary that grievance is always sincere and that when his issue has been resolved, the complainant will leave you at peace. In some instances, the slanderous posts are violent online, leaving both you and your business at the mercy of one customer's eye.

Why Fexle’s Reputation Management?

Strategy Against Propaganda:

if it is opposed to negative online propaganda, your small business will suffer seriously. Everyone who has an axis to grind could upload negative feedback or worse can launch against you a whole reputation-destroying campaign.

This is the time to take good action and to bring forward a counter-propaganda policy. Fexle is capable of helping you handle small business online reputation through SEO and analytical tools. We help you to grow your business and your reputation.

Reputation monitoring:

Fexle ensures that the small business is fully tracked. We collect and share feedback from all websites. We give you everyday alerts of the management of your small business reputation and detailed reports every week so that your site does not miss anything.

We are positive and truly responsible for the image of your company online so that you can focus on many important things like the achievement of this year's sales goal.


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