School management System

School management System

Fexle’s School Management System seeks to reduce organizational challenges and improve efficiency and productivity. The administration can improve the work and keep track of the ongoing in the institutions.

The Solution, based on the cloud, supports various modern technologies such as online payment gateways, RFID smart cards, biometrics, mobile apps, email alerts, etc. Software for school management is agile and can be tailored to the institution's requirements.

The approach provides multiple participants with the option to use cloud-based school ERP based on their positions by logging in and preventing overloading. Through signing in, the school's entire staff and faculty will monitor, tasks and programs allocated to them.

Why Fexel’s School Management System

Modules and plugins are customizable.

The offered modules are interlinked and flexible, i.e. they can be customized to the school's requirements. The school's administrative head can have access to all sorting, tabulating, and tracking activities.

Protection of information and back-up.

Instead of storing data on distributed servers, cloud-based service stores information on the internet, making it easy to retrieve data. Data backup is automatic and there is no need for the school to invest in hardware to store data.

Cost and save energy.

A cloud-based service has the ease of producing through the code statements, receipts and challans. PDF, Excel, Word and other formats can be used to export the files.

The School ERP of Fexel is flexible, adaptive and multi-user. ERP is stable and user-friendly. Installation is fast; data on the cloud server remains safe. We deliver 24x7 troubleshooting online and offline.

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