School/College ERP Software

School/College ERP Software

Fexle’s School/College ERP Software has 25 + pro modules and 30 + modules built-in. This software is designed to take into account a college's various operations. Our team understands that, for the following reasons, every college should and must opt for an ERP to work its administrative processes plausibly.

Manual work significantly reduces & enables academic and non-Academic Department operations to receive in-synced reports /receipts/drafts. It allows to stays safe and accessible 24x7.

Why School/College ERP Software

Engineered for School/Colleges

Fexle’s School/College ERP Software is incorporated with state-of-the-art innovations such as Feepayr, our digital fee payment platform and biometric & RFID technology supported by library management software.

Backup and help.

When colleges are searching for an ERP system for their school, what they are actually looking for is software that not only handles every teeny-miny college operation but also ensures efficient data support, storage and effectiveness.


Fexle’s School/College ERP Software has many features, programmed actions, and tabs, thus increasing colleges ' administrative work. In addition, colleges have their own rules and regulations that are unique to the institution itself; we give flexibility for such colleges.

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