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The News Portal is a platform for online communication that is read all over the world by internet users. A leading web development agency, Fexle provides attractive and effective news portal development services.

The creation of the news portal enables publishing reports, news releases, columns, posts, and blogs. New portals with content control systems (CMS), they create and build new websites, customized and traditional types. In order to navigate for potential readers with SEO concepts easily, we offer user-friendly website designs for increased visibility in page rankings.

We offer news, entertainment, jobs, training, business, scientific and technological news, lifestyles, entertainments and other features exclusively for the development of the news portal.

Why Fexle’s News Portal?

We are India's leading portal developer with user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, quick load and tailor-made portal creation. Our new portal services include portal design, development, website news, and custom development. We offer cutting edge news portal services. Regardless of what your news portal needs are, our highly qualified Web Development Team will provide you with wonderful solutions as needed.

Our features include:

  •  News site and web portal creation
  •  Customize the development of the information portal
  •  Customize the design of the information portal
  •  Integrating content management system (CMS)
  •  Very good interface
  •  Maintenance and support
  •  Images and video posts
  •  Add / remove / edit functions
  •  Multi-level functions
  •  Add / edit / remove ad or banner
  •  Top news
  •  Easy to use administration panel
  •  Latest news update
  •  Surveys

We render news-based web-applications that are easily managed, switch in real time, simple configuration of images and HTML, the newsletter, forums, chat rooms, etc. We create interactive news websites so that news stories can be told with more than just text.

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