Recruitment software

Recruitment software

Excellent Recruitment Software!

Fexle’s Recruitment software acknowledges that each company has a different hiring process when it comes to talent searching. That's why we've developed several sourcing applicant platforms so you can that your time-to-fill efficiently and find the right fit for all your job openings.

The complete recruitment solution from Fexle’s Recruitment software helps streamline the hiring process by providing multiple sourcing platforms, reducing time-to-fill which helps with longer retention of employees.

It could be a stressful task to create good candidate engagement and to maintain cordial customer relationships— Constant follow-ups are a compulsory routine. Automating these daily tasks by creating alerts and triggers for specific updates would ensure that you do your job without worrying about missing resumes.

Why Fexle’s Recruitment software?

System is integrated.

Track applicants from different sources–work databases, suppliers, applications for websites, imports of recruiters, referrals of employees and others at one location.

Applicant system of tracking.

Creating posts, appointing recruiters and tracking progress. Collect for future reference each and every one in the candidate's contact history.

Digital Assistant in Recruitment.

Whether it's raising or approving requests, managing schedules, providing feedback or status Fexle Recruitment software can help hiring managers get their recruitment-related tasks done in a jiffy.

It is very important to measure the actions and plans on a regular basis. Advanced Recruit Analytics from Recruitment software has 50+pre-bundled reports and several dashboards that produce reports automatically to help you address what doesn't work.

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