E-learning Module

E-learning Module

Fexle’s E-learning Module creates a meaningful exchange between the learner and the content, allowing for active learning. And that's why we came up with this software for building interactivity. It facilitates the process of creating interactivity by making it as easy as selecting and customizing the desired communication model with your content.

We are one of the world's most popular E-learning Module software, enabling you to bring your virtual learning to life in minutes. It is backed by ready-to-use eLearning interactions ranging from games, exercises, interactive diagrams, simulations, 3D objects, videos, and more.

Why Fexle’s E-learning Module

It allows you to concentrate on the content.

Not all course designers have within their control a dedicated graphic designer, so they have to rely on external assistance. But the e-learning platform of Fexle makes this challenge simpler for you. No or limited support is needed from a graphic designer to create content in the e-learning module. It makes you concentrate on the quality of the course instead of finding ways to make it look good.

Integration with the tools of a third party.

The interactions can be used as stand-alone learning objects, or its output can be easily integrated into your favorite authoring or presentation software such as PowerPoint, Storyline, Lectora, Claro, Captivate, and more.

Time and cost savings.

The ultimate goal of Fexle's E-learning module is to help you get started in minutes with the best-suited communication model by customizing it with your content. There's nothing you need to build from scratch.

The functionality of Fexle's E-learning module allows you to create your own theory of Instructional Design using interactions.

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