HR Payroll

HR Payroll

Fexle’s HR Payroll automates and streamlines all facets of the relationship between employer and employee such as onboarding, attendance, payroll processing, legal reporting and exit management.

Because of the various compliance requirements in Delhi, payroll processing and HR management is a highly complex activity for most businesses. You can enjoy the stress and error-free payroll cycle every month by outsourcing your payroll and HR management to Fexle's HR Payroll, knowing it was done by the experts.

Control of payroll and HR is an ancillary role for all businesses. However, payroll and HR management takes a tremendous amount of time and energy from the founding members for most startups and small businesses. Therefore, the founding team may focus on more important areas such as product development, sales and customer support through outsourcing payroll and HR administration to Fexle's HR Payroll.

Why Fexle’s HR Payroll?

Notice Period Adjustments

HR Payroll from Fexle helps manage situations for the notice period effectively. You may change the amount of leave, extend or shorten the time of notice and affect the payment of the settlement accordingly.

Enable Encashments to leave.

Encashment of leaves during exit can be done easily with preconfigured encashment rules in Fexle's HR Payroll with. The UI allows for easy adjustment of the notice period for the balance of leave.

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