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Google Analytics, how to use your data analysis and how to make correct business decision-making and further measures to improve your performance, whether they are a small business, a small company or a fortune-owned INC 500 company.

Count on Fexle for the Google analysis group certifies that many organizations, from setting up and reporting to market research and analysis, have experience helping with every aspect of digital analytics worldwide.

Why Fexle’s Web Analytic?

Set measurement criteria.

We first organize the right people to take part in the planning process to set meaningful goals, targets, and segments. We will then concentrate on designing a comprehensive measurement plan based on the correct planning framework. Our expert team in data analytics describes the business goals, KPIs and quality assessment objectives.

Create a plan of execution.

For every type of company-small or large, relevant to business goals, the development of the right Digital Analytics implementation plan is critical. When you use Google Analytics, you are identified in your implementation plan by our code snippets and specific product features to help you make correct decisions and increase productivity.

Analysis in-depth.

We evaluate the website metrics in order to understand the actions of your users, gain insights into recent trends on your Website, spot ROI issues and identify new opportunities. Our insightful study of traffic, how people came to your page, where are you losing potential traffic, how to shoot the conversion rate etc. answer questions as well.

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