Security Management Software

Security Management Software

Fexle’s Security Management Software was designed to retrieve, analyze, transform and report data. It documents all the related alarms, incidents and actions of the operators in a database. A right-wing user can monitor first response time, alarm handling time, alarms per operator, per site, per type, the number of false alarms, alarm peaks, etc. It also monitors the performance of the operations to give your business a better insight.

Fexle’s Security Management Software for the Security Program integrates key elements of corporate security strategies. It conducts risk assessments, updates risk profiles and participate in monitoring and follow-up processes with staff and security practitioners.

Compile site location data with key details, security/emergency plans, and contact information for emergencies. Establish the organization's personalized risk assessment template with a scoring system to identify potential security risks.

Why Fexle’s Security Management Software


Logging and monitoring security concerns with automatic email alerts to approved security leaders and security incident escalation options.


Collection of incident reports by form, monitoring of automatic email alerts and recording of incidents and trends.


Manage schedules, tasks, alerts, and escalations of corrective action with real-time status/closure monitoring of patterns and data mining.

Schedule with automated reminders and other administrative activities. Collect security concerns from all staff and report possible incidents to the security team with the opportunity to escalate a security incident. Record safety events including accident follow-up and resolution with the capability to add records.

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