Online Test

Online Test

Fexle’s Online Test is an emerging product for online tests and information management. We represent clients through educational institutions, colleges, learning institutes, companies that have record successful online test case studies.

One-stop destination to evaluate, plan, recruit, and more. An online evaluation software specially designed to solve all your planning issues. With a translation flow of information, the system is quite easy to use.

Go wherever you want and use the smart online test platform to practice whenever you want. Create and delegate tests and quizzes at any time from anywhere. Experience a synchronized lag-free thinking exam performance on your mobile devices.

Fexle’s Online Test made easy registration, easy creation of test and quiz, sign-in, synchronized processing, secure information encoding, and decoding, and more.

Why Fexle’s Online Test

Easy analysis of the test.

With Fexle’s Online Test, get Ranking Analytics, Percentile, Subject Wise Analysis, Question Wise Analysis, Batch Performance Analytics Get Ranking Analytics, Percentile, Theme Wise Analysis, Question Wise Analysis, Batch Performance Analytics.


Easy management questions.

Fexle’s Online Test supports Objective, Subjective, Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, Photo, Audio, Video-Based Concerns Bulk Import Questions using Excel Template Defines Marks, Difficulty Levels, Question Forms, Exam Model Hierarchy.


Easy Evaluation of Marks

You can get analysis, percentage, the percentile of each student with a seamless graphic interface. Virtual Testing with a custom pattern, negative & differential labeling, levels of difficulty.

We help in handling the online test process, we have included best practices and the latest technology. It can be used for entrance exams, selection interviews, college examinations, aptitude tests, personality tests. We have a digital test system for all your needs.

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