Is Your Website Design Worthy Enough?

"The first impression is the last impression"- Legends have it in this way. Your website design is the one to introduce the audience with your aesthetics.

Think, you see an appealing headline in Google's snippet, you click through and can't wait to read the page. You're excited. But "ARGH!"- Too much effort you need to go on! Yuck!

How often have you faced such things? It happens to me now and then.

Well, your website design must entice your audience. If it can't, all your efforts are going in vague. Always remember, a compelling design is the key to attract visitors, make them stay on your page, and convert them into customers. So whenever you see your visitors are passing by at a skyrocketing speed- make things obvious to get them stuck. How?

Key things to make a sturdy Web Design!

Here, I have mentioned 6 things that you must keep on account while developing or designing your website.

  1. Place your website logo at the top left corner, because that's where your audience look first and try finding your identity
  2. Put a navigation bar on each page at the top or in the left pane. This is what your visitors will try to find and use if your contents are potential enough
  3. Add clickable buttons wherever required, and don't forget to give those button shapes only. People know that clickable buttons are there to let them go through different contents of your site
  4. Make a combination of dark, clearly visible fonts and a light-colored background- being eye-soothing, it works as a psychological trigger to make visitors stay and keep reading on
  5. Ensure texts are aligned to the left. You might have noticed, we tend to focus on the left side instantly after completing a sentence- just like we do while reading a book
  6. Avoid complex words. Creativity is obviously welcomed and acknowledged until it becomes too much

That's all! Finally, I will advise you to fuel the X-factor of your website because that's the only thing to keep you stand out from the rest. For further queries, drop me a note below in the comment box. Sayonara!

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