ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning)

For years, Fexle has provided ERP maintenance services to various Fortune 500 companies and other prestigious organizations in the sector of apparel, retail, manufacturing, education and professional services with mission-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software implementation.

Fexle is committed to delivering high-quality custom IT services with its core expertise in enterprise resource management. By using a cross-functional, workshop-driven approach to incorporate industry best practices and academic research excellence, Fexle drives business and technology development and has assisted large and complex enterprise programs over long periods of time through implementing effective, low-risk software support, maintenance, and improvement processes.

Our highly skilled and driven team has extensive experience with Oracle and Microsoft technology and has gained significant expertise in the fashion, retail, manufacturing, education and professional services sectors. Fexle is a supplier of Microsoft and Oracle.


Technical Capabilities.

Our ERP services range from managing the ERP system, upgrades, migrations, configurations, implementation, maintenance and support, and security-related services.

Fexle has adequate experience of implementing ERP rollouts for many prestigious customers and has developed mature processes that would benefit to minimize the learning curve and communication gaps, and it enables us to deliver upon seamless ERP rollouts and upgrades which meets our client's business and technical requirements.

Capabilities of people.

Fexle has a large team of skilled professionals to represent its customers with more than 50 professional developers on their own. Professionals at Fexle have considerable experience in developing large and complex enterprise resource management software solutions in the paradigm of outsourcing delivery. Most of our practitioners are accredited with the latest tools and technologies, including a range of Microsoft and Oracle application certifications.


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